Thousands of young people are taking initiatives that could help the world achieve SDGs. They learn and research about global social and environmental issues: the poor, the minority, the less developed areas, the environment and wildlife, and all of the individuals and entities that need help. Below are articles written by young people who want to share their findings and thoughts, or by others who want to spread the message of what young people are doing for sustainable development.

We hope that with these articles, the global audience could better understand each of the SDGs, learn about the challenges and stories, see the work that the youth are doing, reflect on the possible way out, and start to take actions.


From the Youth


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SDG 15. Life on Land

Understand SDG 15 SDG 15 is to ensure the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of all types of terrestrial ecosystems, including conserving natural habitats, preventing and reducing the impact of invasive species, and eliminating poaching and trafficking of protected species. Around 1.6 billion people rely on forests for their livelihood and yet 3.3 million hectares…

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