Young people’s stories

Thousands of young people are taking initiatives that could help the world achieve SDGs. They learn and research about global social and environmental issues: the poor, the minority, the less developed areas, the environment and wildlife, and all of the individuals and entities that need help.

We hope that with these articles, the global audience could better understand each of the SDGs, learn about the challenges and stories, see the work that the youth are doing, reflect on the possible way out, and start to take actions. 

Making the impossible possible

“My project is a social impact startup developing and scaling up a new technology to recycle unrecyclable plastics.” Wang and her team have invented a US$ 5 million technology that breaks down plastics into chemical building blocks, upcycling them into higher value materials for manufacturing.

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Technology can help track choices to balance nutrition and climate impact

“We see food as the first step in somebody’s climate action journey. With this tool, we aim to make it easier for people to join the climate movement.” An app called Evocco aims to give consumers information about their shopping habits to help cut their carbon footprint by estimating the climate impact of their choices.

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Building blocks for a greener Nairobi

“Nzambi Matee’s innovation in the construction sector highlights the economic and environmental opportunities when we move from a linear economy, where products, once used, are discarded, to a circular one, where products and materials continue in the system for as long as possible.”

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Fishing for plastic

“We want to empower every fisherman to catch plastic and then bring it back to the port and upcycle it. That would create a huge global impact,”Arapakis said, “I think there is a lot of awareness from our generation about plastic pollution and other environmental challenges. Awareness that I don’t think has existed on such a wide scale for decades.”

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Bringing recycling to Kuwait

“I live in one of the richest countries in the world, yet we don’t have many sustainable solutions in the field of recycling,” says Alzelzela. “We can now start analyzing the data we have generated, to find out which areas generate more waste, and why.”

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Turning waste into energy in India

“I’ve always been passionate about energy access and creating income opportunities for poor communities,” said Mohan. “(That) is at the heart of finding answers to the difficult question of balancing economic growth and climate change mitigation in developing countries.”

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Turning data into drinking water in China

“What motivates me is galvanizing others to take action. We work with students studying science, technology, engineering and medicine. They will go on to develop careers in these fields and create solutions to some of the environmental problems they have seen while working with us.”

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Turning air into water in rural Peru

“Now I am working on developing biodegradable packaging that’s hexagonal, like a beehive, so that it is sturdy but compact. Nature in itself is incredible. There is so much we can learn by observing it.”

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Yolanda Joab Mori

“Her dedication to highlighting the voices of women and the most vulnerable members of our communities.”

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