The herbicide dicamba was supposed to solve farmers’ weed problems – instead, it’s making farming harder for many of them

In 2021, thousands of U.S. growers reported to the Environmental Protection Agency that dicamba sprayed by other farmers – sometimes up to a mile and a half away – damaged crops in their fields. Complaints came from all over the country.

With fewer animals to spread their seeds, plants could have trouble adapting to climate change

Today the Earth is losing species at a rapid rate, potentially representing the sixth mass extinction in its history. In a newly published study, we examine what this loss means for seed dispersal, focusing on birds and mammals that disperse fleshy-fruited plants.

Sidney Poitier – Hollywood’s first Black leading man reflected the civil rights movement on screen

Sidney Poitier, the only Black man to consistently win leading roles in major films from the late 1950s through the late 1960s. Like King, Poitier projected ideals of respectability and integrity. He attracted not only the loyalty of African Americans, but also the goodwill of white liberals.

Narrowing Social Inclusion Gaps for Young People Is Key for Latin America

During the IXth Forum of Ministers of Social Development for Latin America, which was held in Argentina, authorities and experts discussed on youth-based social inclusion strategies and policies. The contributions from the three-day meeting gave rise to the Declaration of Buenos Aires.

Young start-up entrepreneurs propose sustainable innovations to impact Asia-Pacific cities

An annual start-up competition has brought together 175 young entrepreneurs from 35 countries to offer innovative solutions for pressing sustainable development challenges facing Asia-Pacific’s cities around healthy and inclusive ageing, skills development, and green consumption and production.

Afghanistan: Girls at increasing risk of child marriage

From UN News The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has received credible reports of families in Afghanistan offering daughters as young as 20 days old for future marriage in return for a dowry. In a statement released on Friday, the agency’s Executive Director, Henrietta Fore, said that she was “deeply concerned” over reports that child marriage is on the rise.   Even before the latest political instability, UNICEF’s partners registered 183Continue reading “Afghanistan: Girls at increasing risk of child marriage”