From walking to cycling, how we get around a city is a gender equality issue – new research

In urban societies around the world, there are gendered differences in how people get to where they need to go. From the number of journeys taken and the distances travelled, to the purpose for travelling in the first place, women’s experiences of journeying through the city differ significantly from those of men.

Net zero: UK government sued for weak strategy – so here’s what makes a good climate change plan

Two-thirds of countries have now committed to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions at some point this century. During 2021, the share of large companies with net zero commitments jumped from one in five to one in three.

Narrowing Social Inclusion Gaps for Young People Is Key for Latin America

During the IXth Forum of Ministers of Social Development for Latin America, which was held in Argentina, authorities and experts discussed on youth-based social inclusion strategies and policies. The contributions from the three-day meeting gave rise to the Declaration of Buenos Aires.

Young start-up entrepreneurs propose sustainable innovations to impact Asia-Pacific cities

An annual start-up competition has brought together 175 young entrepreneurs from 35 countries to offer innovative solutions for pressing sustainable development challenges facing Asia-Pacific’s cities around healthy and inclusive ageing, skills development, and green consumption and production.