Narrowing Social Inclusion Gaps for Young People Is Key for Latin America

During the IXth Forum of Ministers of Social Development for Latin America, which was held in Argentina, authorities and experts discussed on youth-based social inclusion strategies and policies. The contributions from the three-day meeting gave rise to the Declaration of Buenos Aires.

Young start-up entrepreneurs propose sustainable innovations to impact Asia-Pacific cities

An annual start-up competition has brought together 175 young entrepreneurs from 35 countries to offer innovative solutions for pressing sustainable development challenges facing Asia-Pacific’s cities around healthy and inclusive ageing, skills development, and green consumption and production.


新冠疫情暴发以来,纽约的歧视事件,尤其是针对亚裔的歧视事件大幅增加。为此,纽约市人权委员会与艺术家阿曼达·宾朵雅(Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya)合作,启动了名为“我依然相信我们的城市”(I Still Believe in Our City)的公共艺术项目。

Sweden’s flight-free movement: how views about holiday air travel are changing

Train journeys have been embraced as climate-friendly travel. Michael715/Shutterstock November 30, 2021 10.45am GMT Sara Ullström, Lund University and Kimberly Nicholas, Lund University Air travel is often presented as desirable, despite its high environmental cost. In Sweden, however, a movement advocating avoiding flying has gained influence since 2016, and has started to change the way travelContinue reading “Sweden’s flight-free movement: how views about holiday air travel are changing”

COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: all eyes on Indonesia

Traffic in Jakarta has decreased significantly after the Indonesia government has restricted population mobility to reduce the spread of COVID-19, 4 July 2021. ANTARA FOTO/Hafidz Mubarak A/aww. Juli 15, 2021 4.14pm WIB Teguh Haryo Sasongko, Perdana University With the exception of Singapore, Southeast Asian countries have recorded unprecedented spikes in daily case numbers and deaths duringContinue reading “COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: all eyes on Indonesia”

Survey shows South African firms in some sectors are highly innovative

The survey found that innovation was pervasive across all sectors, but particularly in engineering and technology, manufacturing and trade. A high percentage – nearly 70% – of South African businesses were innovation-active.