Women building a sustainable future: The Mexican violinist who saved the Sierra Gorda

Forty years ago, Martha Isabel Ruiz Corzo, known as Pati, left the Mexican city of Querétaro with her family in search of a simple rural life. Instead, she ended up leading and inspiring a group of some 17,000 local environmental activists, devoted to protecting the remote and beautiful Sierra Gorda.

UN to launch appeal to fund humanitarian operations in Ukraine

Secretary-General António Guterres has announced that the UN will launch an appeal to fund its humanitarian operations in Ukraine, amid reports on Saturday of casualties and people fleeing their homes to seek safety as Russian military operations in the country intensify.

In Kashgar, Xinjiang, how did vocational education help to increase the income of indigenous people?

(Meilin Zhao, Zhenyun Wang, Zile Liao, Ningzi Zhu) “Vocational education helped a lot of people to have jobs!” ,a staff at the ShenKa Social Work Station claims. Kashgar, located in the southwest of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is known to be the most western border city in China. Once, many local ethnic minorities had facedContinue reading “In Kashgar, Xinjiang, how did vocational education help to increase the income of indigenous people?”

Street Children in Kenya

By: Wenjie Jiang Introduction In the past decade, the number of street children has increased in many African countries due to deepening poverty as well as other social factors. A definition for street children accepted by UNICEF is “any girl or boy for whom the street has become his or her habitual abode and/or sourceContinue reading “Street Children in Kenya”

Adolescents Reproductive Health in Kenya: A Civil Society Approach

By Cai Yiyan, Huang Yuze, Lv Yiyang, Wang Jiaxuan, Yi Xinyu Kenya is youthful country. In 2018, adolescents made up of 22.8% of the total population, and the median age was 18.9 years old, according to WHO. Being in an crucially informative period of life in many ways, the adolescents unfortunately have to deal withContinue reading “Adolescents Reproductive Health in Kenya: A Civil Society Approach”

For bullied teens, online school offered a safe haven

Hannah L. Schacter, Wayne State University Online school during the COVID-19 pandemic was hard on many teens, but new research I co-authored has found a potential silver lining: Students were bullied less during remote instruction than while attending classes in person. We learned this by surveying 388 ninth graders at U.S. high schools. We askedContinue reading “For bullied teens, online school offered a safe haven”

Low-technology: why sustainability doesn’t have to depend on high-tech solutions

It’s a popular idea that the path to sustainability lies in high-tech solutions. By making everyday items like cars electric, and installing smart systems to monitor and reduce energy use, it seems we’ll still be able to enjoy the comforts to which we’ve become accustomed while doing our bit for the planet – a state known as “green growth”.