How fast can we stop Earth from warming?

Richard B. (Ricky) Rood, University of Michigan Global warming doesn’t stop on a dime. If people everywhere stopped burning fossil fuels tomorrow, stored heat would still continue to warm the atmosphere. Picture how a radiator heats a home. Water is heated by a boiler, and the hot water circulates through pipes and radiators in theContinue reading “How fast can we stop Earth from warming?”

Electrifying homes to slow climate change: 4 essential reads

Jennifer Weeks, The Conversation The latest reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change show that to avoid massive losses and damage from global warming, nations must act quickly to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The good news is that experts believe it’s possible to cut global greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 throughContinue reading “Electrifying homes to slow climate change: 4 essential reads”

Rethinking risk can unshackle Africa’s small scale farmers from the grip of poor weather

Right now, countries in the Horn of Africa are in the midst of a multi-season drought. There have also been years in which the rains have come with such force that floods wash out the season’s labour, sometimes along with homes, as happened in Mozambique just two years ago.