Street Children in Kenya

By: Wenjie Jiang Introduction In the past decade, the number of street children has increased in many African countries due to deepening poverty as well as other social factors. A definition for street children accepted by UNICEF is “any girl or boy for whom the street has become his or her habitual abode and/or sourceContinue reading “Street Children in Kenya”

Adolescents Reproductive Health in Kenya: A Civil Society Approach

By Cai Yiyan, Huang Yuze, Lv Yiyang, Wang Jiaxuan, Yi Xinyu Kenya is youthful country. In 2018, adolescents made up of 22.8% of the total population, and the median age was 18.9 years old, according to WHO. Being in an crucially informative period of life in many ways, the adolescents unfortunately have to deal withContinue reading “Adolescents Reproductive Health in Kenya: A Civil Society Approach”